§ 1 Scope of application

For any and all business relations between JUST FITTEDS and the Customer the below mentioned General Terms and Conditions shall apply exclusively in the version being valid by the time the order is placed. JUST FITTEDS shall not recognize any conditions of the Customer, which are in conflict with or deviate from these conditions unless JUST FITTEDS has expressly agreed to these in writing. We reserve the right to modify and/or to extend these General Terms and Conditions.

§ 2 Conclusion of contract

Your order is considered an offer to enter into an agreement for sale with JUST FITTEDS. In case you place an order with JUST FITTEDS, we sent you an E-Mail confirming your order (order confirmation). This order confirmation shall inform you that your order has been received, but shall not, however, constitute an acceptance of your offer. The agreement for sale shall be concluded once we have arranged delivery of the ordered goods and the dispatch has been confirmed by way of sending a second E-Mail (confirmation of dispatch).

Die Produktdarstellungen des Anbieters im Internet sind unverbindlich und kein verbindliches Angebot zum Abschluss eines Vertrages.

Der Kunde kann ein verbindliches Kaufangebot (Bestellung) über das Online - Warenkorbsystem abgeben. Dabei werden die zum Kauf beabsichtigten Waren im „Warenkorb" abgelegt. Über die entsprechende Schaltfläche in der Navigationsleiste kann der Kunde den „Warenkorb" aufrufen und dort jederzeit Änderungen vornehmen. Nach Aufrufen der Seite „Kasse" und der Eingabe der persönlichen Daten sowie der Zahlungs- und Versandbedingungen werden abschließend nochmals alle Bestelldaten auf der Bestellübersichtsseite angezeigt. Vor Absenden der Bestellung hat der Kunde die Möglichkeit, hier sämtliche Angaben nochmals zu überprüfen, zu ändern (auch über die Funktion „zurück" des Internetbrowsers) bzw. den Kauf abzubrechen. Mit dem Absenden der Bestellung über die Schaltfläche "kaufen" gibt der Kunde ein verbindliches Angebot beim Anbieter ab. Der Kunde erhält zunächst eine automatische Email über den Eingang seiner Bestellung, die noch nicht zum Vertragsschluss führt.

Die Annahme des Angebots (und damit der Vertragsabschluss) erfolgt entweder durch Bestätigung in Textform (z.B. Email), in welcher dem Kunden die Bearbeitung der Bestellung oder Auslieferung der Ware bestätigt wird oder durch Zusendung der Ware. Sollte der Kunde binnen 5 Tagen keine Auftragsbestätigung oder Mitteilung über die Auslieferung bzw. keine Ware erhalten haben, ist er nicht mehr an seine Bestellung gebunden. Gegebenenfalls bereits erbrachte Leistungen werden in diesem Fall unverzüglich zurückerstattet.

Die Abwicklung der Bestellung und Übermittlung aller im Zusammenhang mit dem Vertragsschluss erforderlichen Informationen erfolgt per Email zum Teil automatisiert. Der Kunde hat deshalb sicherzustellen, dass die von ihm beim Anbieter hinterlegte Emailadresse zutreffend ist, der Empfang der Emails technisch sichergestellt und insbesondere nicht durch SPAM-Filter verhindert wird.


§ 3 Right of revocation

You may revoke your contract declaration within two weeks with giving a reasons in writing (i.e. letter or E-Mail) or by way of sending back the ordered goods. The revocation period starts once you have received the goods at the earliest but not before the receipt of these instructions. To meet the deadline timely mailing of the revocation or the goods themselves shall be sufficient.

Any revocation by way of sending back the goods shall be addressed to:

Feldtstraße 31
20357 Hamburg

You may revoke online at:

You may revoke by mail at:

Revocation consequences:

In the event of a valid revocation each party shall return to the respective other party the benefits received and, if applicable, emoluments that have been taken. If you cannot return the received Goods in whole or in part and/or in undamaged condition only, you are obliged to pay compensation for value. As regards goods in the possession of the Customer, this does not apply if the deterioration is exclusively due to inspection of the Goods – as it would have been possible in a store. For the rest, you may avoid the obligation to pay compensation for value for any deterioration of the goods that has occurred by way of proper use of the goods, by not treating the Goods as your own property, and by avoiding any treatment of the Goods that will affect its value. The shipping cost for the returned goods shall be born by the Customer. Any obligation to reimburse an amount shall be fulfilled within a period of 30 days. The period begins by the time you are sending your declaration of revocation or the goods themselves, for JUST FITTEDS, upon the receipt.

End of information on your right of revocation

§ 4 Delivery

Unless expressly agreed upon otherwise, JUST FITTEDS delivers from stock to the named address of the Customer. Statements with respect to the delivery period are non-binding, as far as JUST FITTEDS has not assured a binding delivery date by way of exception.

In case JUST FITTEDS shall not be able to deliver for reasons for which JUST FITTEDS is not responsible, since JUST FITTEDS distributor does not fulfill its contractual obligations, JUST FITTEDS may rescind from contract with the Customer. In this case, the Customer shall be notified with undue delay, that the Goods ordered are not available.

§ 5 Due-date and Payment, Default

The Customer may at its own discretion pay the purchase price via PayPal, by way of direct debiting as well as via cash on delivery. In case the Customer is in default, JUST FITTEDS is entitled to claim interest amounting to five percentage points above the basic rate of interest of the European Central Bank. The right of JUST FITTEDS to demonstrate a higher loss remains unaffected.

§ 6 Set-off, Right of retention

The Customer is only entitled to offset amounts if his counterclaim has been legally established, uncontested or is recognized by JUST FITTEDS. The Customer shall have no right to re-debit or retain monies unless this is based on the same contractual relationship.

§ 7 Reservation of title

JUST FIRTTEDS shall retain title to the goods until all claims against the Customer to which JUST FITTEDS is entitled as a result of mutual business have been settled (reserved goods).

§ 8 Liability for defects

In case of a defect as to quality the statutory provisions shall apply. The assignment of claims arising out of or in connection with defected goods is excluded. Unless otherwise explicitly stipulated in these terms, further claims – irrespective of the legal basis – shall be excluded. JUST FITTEDS, therefore, is not liable for any and all damages that do not affect the goods themselves, in particular loss of profit or other financial losses of the Customer. As far as the contractual liability of JUST FITTEDS shall be limited and/or excluded, this also applies to the personal liability of JUST FITTEDS employees, salesmen or assistants.

The before mentioned limitation of liability shall not apply, as far as the cause of damage is due to willful conduct or gross negligence or where there is personal injury. As far as JUST FITTEDS negligently breaches a contractual obligation that is of particular importance for the attainment of the contract purpose (cardinal obligation) the liability shall be restricted to such amount that is typically expected and foreseeable.

In case of a supplementary performance by way of a replacement delivery, the Customer is obliged to send back to JUST FITTEDS the goods that have been delivered at first within 14 days. The return of the defected goods shall be carried out in accordance with the statutory provisions. JUST FITTEDS reserves the right to claim for damages in accordance with the statutory provisions.

§ 9 Applicable Law

For any and all disputes between JUST FITTEDS and the Customer the Courts of Hamburg shall have the exclusive Jurisdiction, unless mandatory law provides otherwise. These General Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with German law excluding the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).