Our Shipping costs inside Germany are as follows:

Shipping inside Germany: 4,90 EUR
Free shipping if total Order cost more than 100,00 EUR

Our Shipping costs OUTSIDE Germany are as follows:

Shipping inside the EU starting at EUR: 20.00
Shipping Worldwide starting at EUR: 25.00

Outside of the European Union import taxes and fees are generally charged on items imported from the European Union.
All fees can be raised on imported items by the respective land of destination according to the local prevailing customs regulations. This applies to all items sold from the European Union to a country outside of the European Union. It also applies to all items sold from the European Union to a country within the European Union with special terms in regards to customs regulations.
Tax fees are to be paid by the purchaser himself and the purchaser has to manage all administrative issues himself. This implies collection of the purchased items at the customs office as well as completion of formalities.
More precise information regarding the customs regulations and the respective amount of customs fees are to be inquired at the responsible customs office prior to placing an order.

EUROPEAN payment and shipping

Before dispatch we examine after receipt of their order again whether everything is available immediately in desired size and color. They receive a E-Mail, in which we the bank account with iban an swift/BIC code and the exact amount to pay. Please input the ORDER ID No. in the transfer text. otherwise we cannot assign your reservation and your order can not be delivered. As soon as the money received, we dispatch immediately/the ordered articles to you. Please note that the payment of the bank can take some days, cause of international money transfer. Shipping can take some time, too, because of the same reaon. If we still not receipt your payment after 14 days we keep the right to cancel the order itself/if we not receive payment after 7 days we will cancel your order.

Payment with PayPal

input E-Mail and your order-ID.